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Forms and Paperwork you need for new team members

Finding the perfect employee to join your team is such an exciting moment for any business. But once you have made a job offer to them there is quite a lot to do to formalise everything. Paperwork, oh so much paperwork! It can be quite overwhelming trying to ensure you have everything organised, so here is my handy checklist for new hires:

·  Employment Contract – always have a formal employment contract/agreement (even for casual staff) clearly outlining the terms of employment as well as protection for your business when the employment relationship ends (or if it goes bad).

·  Fair Work Information Statement – by law you are required to give this to ALL new employees before or as soon as possible after they commence. The link for this is here -

·  Employee details form – Collect their personal details, payroll details and emergency contact details (handy hint – have them check this annually to ensure it is still correct). I also recommend gathering information on medical conditions and medication (including where they keep critical medication such as epi-pens) so that you can provide this in the event of an emergency.

·  Superannuation details – you must provide all eligible employees with a superannuation choice form. The link to this is here -

·  Tax File Number Declaration form – to ensure their tax is set up correctly in payroll, they need to complete this. Depending on how you lodge these forms they can be either electronic or paper based. Here is the link -

·  Qualifications, licences, certificates and Visa’s – obtain copies of all relevant qualifications, licences, certificates and Visa’s (if applicable) and store them on their staff file. (handy hint – ensure they are current and if required for the job a condition of their employment). 

If you need assistance with any aspect of onboarding new employees (from creating agreements through to having the right induction process), contact Katrina today. 

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